Active Lives survey, has your school been selected

The Active Lives Survey and How Your School Can Benefit

There are two main ways your school can benefit;

The Equipment Incentive:

PLEASE NOTE: only available to schools randomly selected by IPSOS MORI

ESPO have many years’ experience of supplying goods and services to schools and public bodies. ESPO will contact schools directly (by email), at the end of the term in which the survey was conducted. The letter will inform schools about the number of credits awarded, a copy of the incentive catalogue and an order form.

Credits will be awarded thus:

30 + pupil responses = 10 credits

If Year 1 or 2 were selected an additional 5 credits per 5 parental responses (only 1 parent per child should submit responses)

More information can be found in the Incentives Brochure

The Report Incentive:

Schools who met all the criteria listed here will receive a report outlining their results. If you require any further advice about receiving a school report, please get in touch with Active Devon and we can talk you through the details.

  • There must be at least 30 complete responses to ensure individual pupils are not identifiable.
  • Incomplete responses may be due to children skipping questions or preferring not to answer.
  • Behavioural (participation), questions are posed to parents of children in Years 1 and 2. For these elements a total of 30 responses will be required from years 3-6 AND parents of children in years 1 & 2, combined.
  • Attitudinal questions vary for years 1&2 and years 3-6. A total of 30 responses is required for both years 1&2 and years 3-6 for these to be included in the report. A total of 30 across years 1-6 does not therefore guarantee a report will be issued. Reduced reports will be produced where appropriate.
  • Schools with less than 30 pupils should not be selected by IPSOS MORI. If your school has less than 30 pupils and you would like to take part, please contact Active Devon and we will try to help.
  • Schools with less than 30 pupils across the selected classes can choose to opt in additional classes in order to receive a report.
  • Reports are sent to schools directly although Active Devon will be delighted to view them in order to see if we can offer support to improve the health and well-being of your school community or to share good practice with other schools in our area.

Active Devon is keen to work with you to address the challenge of inactivity and secure the positive social benefits in your area

We can help you build approaches and partnerships that work and are right for your local communities. Our ambitious new strategy is collectively endorsed by all of Devon’s Local Authorities and we look forward to working with all eleven on achieving the vision of

Everyone in Devon active for life.