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Take Part in the 2020 Plymouth Workplace Walking Challenge Steptember

Walk yourself into a better mind and healthier body by taking part in this year’s workplace walking challenge!

Make the Most of Your Daily Walk: An Interview with Louise Trewern

Louise Trewern tells BBC Radio Devon about the importance of making the most of our daily walks during the coronavirus pandemic.
what makes a person undefeatable? My dad my herounsplash

Are Superheroes Undefeatable? My Dad, My Hero

What makes a person a hero in your eyes? Read Gareth's story about how his dad became an undefeatable super hero.
Couple Walking for Health

Walking for Health is England’s Largest Network of Health Walks

Walking is really good for us. Joining a local walking group can help improve your health and wellbeing, plus it's great for your social life.
Louise's story on how she found walking to be a natural pain reliever to help manage her arthritis and fibromyalgiaActive Devon

How Louise Discovered Walking Was a Natural Pain Reliever

Watch this short but inspiring video sharing Active Devon ambassador Louise's story on how she found walking to be a natural pain reliever.