Sporting Champion Tilly Takes Time Out at Home to Meditate and Relax with Yoga

Devon based Tilly Robinson is an incredibly inspirational person and one of our ‘sporting champions’. Her first experience of playing wheelchair rugby was at the Ability Games in 2013. Now, seven years later, Tilly is part of the GB wheelchair rugby squad.

During these unprecedented times, Tilly has shared with us, through photos and words, how she exercises at home, with the hope it will encourage others. #StayInWorkOut

Find out more about Tilly’s background and sporting achievement here.

“Today I wanted to escape from the mayhem happening in this world, and have a little time to myself. What a beautiful day for some yoga in the back garden.

“I started off with some lovely meditation in the sun. I was able to relax my mind and body and listen to the sounds around me. In this time all my thoughts drifted away, allowing my mind to be free of any negativity and doubt.

“After my meditation I decided to do some gentle yoga, because with isolation, exercise and physio are harder than usual to do. I stretched my muscles and allowed them to relax any tension within them.

“Don’t worry if you are like me and use a wheelchair and can’t stand for very long. I adapt my routine to my needs and have done some sitting poses too, which I can do on a mat or even a chair.

Here are my yoga poses in the afternoon sun.”

If you are a wheelchair user, you may also be interested in Adaptive Yoga with WheelPower.

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