Sport England’s First Open Call for Innovative Solutions – Still Time to Apply

Sport England has extended the deadline for their recently launched first Open Call for Innovative Solutions.

This will give more individuals and organisations the chance to apply but you need to act fast! The new deadline will now close at 11:59am on Wednesday 1st of July. 

The Open Call is all about reducing inequalities. Sport England are looking for solutions to support people most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Many people are facing significant, disproportionate barriers to being active during the coronavirus outbreak. This Open Call is aiming to support innovative solutions that respond to these challenges. And, support those most affected so they can be active at this time.

Sport England is looking for solutions from individuals and organisations specifically developed to support: women, older adults, people on low incomes, people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, disabled people or people living with long-term health conditions.

These solutions should address at least one of the challenges below:

  • Changes in circumstances
  • Digital exclusion
  • Mental health

So far Sport England has had a lot of ideas for the two challenges around mental health and changing circumstances and are keen to get more solutions for the digital exclusion challenge.

More detailed information on each of these challenges can be found on the Sport England website.

Please watch this short video and if you would like to apply or learn more about the Open Call click here.

If you require additional support or further guidance email

Key Things to Know:

  • Sport England want to act fast to ensure that inequalities in society for physical activity do not get worse. They are looking for products or solutions that are already worked up and ready to deliver a positive impact within the next six months
  • Your solution does not have to directly deliver physical activity. Sport England are very interested in solutions focused on community infrastructure or that might encourage greater activity through changes to the physical environment
  • Sport England are particularly interested in supporting individuals and organisations that are new to them. This might be other industries who have never heard of Sport England before
  • They hope to learn about local levels of innovation – the things that Sport England might not naturally know about. Innovation does not have to be complicated. Even small, brilliant ideas can have a big impact on people’s habits. Some of the best ideas are local, simple and start with people at the heart
  • This is a broad offer of support – not just money. Sport England will support successful submissions to make a positive difference to the challenges as outlined within the next six months. This support could include access to their connections, advice, research and insight or a small amount of funding

    “Your solution can harness the power of sport and physical activity in a way that can help people build mental resilience.” Sport England.