Our Commitment to Transparency: Corporate Information

Active Devon publishes a wide range of corporate information to enable stakeholders to have a good understanding of the organisation. Take a look at our Corporate Information in the menu below where you can download information about our governance, strategy, activities, Board business, performance etc

Active Devon Constitution

Active Devon Strategy

Active Devon Whistleblowing Policy

Annual Review 2019 – 2020

Audit Partnership Certificate

Annual Business Plan

Diversity in Governance and Decision Making Action Plan

Governance Statement

Board Agenda 27th January 2020

Board Notes 27th January 2020

Board Agenda 24th February 2020 (rescheduled to 5th & 12th March 2020 online)

Board Notes 5th & 12th March 2020

Board Agenda 7th May 2020 (cancelled)

Board Agenda 16th July 2020

Board Notes 16th July 2020

Board Agenda 22nd October 2020

Board Notes 22nd October 2020

Board Agenda 5th March 2021

Board Notes 5th March 2021

Board Agenda 6th May 2021

Board Notes 6th May 2021

Board Agenda 15th July 2021

Board Notes 15th July 2021

Board Agenda 28th October 2021 (rescheduled to 6th December 2021)