Across the County of Devon, volunteers and coaches play a vital role. Without their time, energy and commitment many people would not be able to take part in physical activity or play sport.

Tom Mack - Active Devon
You don't have to be 'sporty' to volunteer your time, there are opportunities for everyone, whatever your experience and skills.

We know first hand that everyone who volunteers to lead activities not only make sport happen around the county, but also keeps local communities fit and active. You are simply champions in our eyes and we'll try to support you with opportunities to improve and progress at your own speed. Don't forget that as well as helping others, volunteering benefits your health, your social life, boosts your skills, confidence, and looks great on your CV. 

Below is a range of resources to help you, so dive in and enjoy. If you need specific help, please get in touch

Are you brimming with questions?

If you've got a bunch of questions on the tip of your tongue, we've prepared the answers. Take a look at the suggestions that our volunteers have come up with and we hope to give you the confidence to take your first steps.


Be inspired

Volunteering can improve your life in small steps like building your skills, making you feel good and giving you a sense of community, but it can also change the direction of your life

Find inspiration


Why not find out more about your local community and see if there are opportunities to get involved 

Community & Voluntary organisations in Devon

Discover how young volunteers are gaining invaluable skills & making a difference to their communities

Youth Social Action in action!


For funding relating to volunteering, please see the information below.

Research & Insight

For research & insight relating to volunteering, please see the information below.

Case Studies

For case studies relating to volunteering, please see the information below.


For toolkits relating to volunteering, please see the information below.

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