Parent and young child walking through the woods on a sunny day.

Join in with Naturally Healthy May and Feel Happier and Healthier

May is Devon’s Naturally Healthy month!

Naturally Healthy May is about encouraging people of all ages to get outside and connect actively with nature to feel happier and healthier.

With the joys of Spring, May is a wonderful month to explore our amazing natural environments and breathe in the best of Devon’s fresh air. We are fortunate to have so many green and blue spaces in Devon to explore and you do not have to travel far to find them.

Looking after our physical and mental health is so important and there is growing evidence that the power of nature and physical activity can make a difference. For example, by increasing the time you spend outside in nature by just 10% every day, you can significantly improve your health and wellbeing.

There is Something for Everyone

There are lots of ways to connect to nature and get active, either by yourself or with friends and family. Whether you explore the woods with family, bike ride through the countryside with friends, do some gardening or bird watching, join a walking group, or have a picnic in the local park with your grandchildren, there is something for everyone.

To get you started, Kate Hind from the Devon Local Nature Partnership (Devon LNP), has put together these great suggestions to help you reach for the door.

During the month, events and activities have also been arranged across the county by partners working in health, wellbeing, education, community, and the environment to offer everyone the chance to join in and try something new.

You can check out Devon Connect to see what events and activities are happening in your local area, and the Devon LNP website for more naturally healthy information and opportunities. The Devon LNP are also running three wildlife webinars to help you get outside, which are:

Sharing Naturally Healthy Ideas During May

Active Devon and Devon County Council on behalf of the Devon LNP will be sharing #NaturallyHealthyMay ideas and information on social media throughout May. Plus, we will be asking partner organisations to join in through promoting the benefits and running events and activities.

Keep an eye on social media @activedevon @DevonLNP, and for organisers and participants please inspire others to get ‘Naturally Healthy’ too.

Get Involved with Future Naturally Healthy Months

Naturally Healthy month is part of Devon’s Naturally Healthy initiative, led by Active Devon and Devon County Council on behalf of the Devon LNP. It brings together a wide range of partners from the health, wellbeing, community and environment sectors to ensure that everyone in Devon is happier and healthier through increased connection to nature.  If you are interested in getting involved please contact us.

Connecting to Nature 

“Connecting to nature is all about using your senses to notice what is around you, be it hearing the dawn chorus, the feel of wind against your face, or seeing new flowers emerging from the ground. By valuing these experiences nature becomes more important to you and your feeling of belonging and wanting to conserve them. By being active in nature you are getting the benefits of being physically active and connecting to nature, a double whammy to your overall health!

This year, as part of the campaign, we will be celebrating the Connecting Actively to Nature programme, by showcasing examples of inspiring projects and stories from around the county and sharing some of the impact and learning so far from this innovative initiative.”

Active Devon’s Tom Mack.