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Introducing the Coach Core Apprenticeship Scheme

Coach Core delivers an inclusive and impactful sports coaching apprenticeship for 16 – 24 year olds who are not in education or employment. This amazing scheme develops the talents of young people and provides them with a range of vital skills for sport, work and life.

The scheme also connects Apprentices with the biggest sports clubs in the country, providing unrivalled tuition, paying them a wage, and setting them up for an exciting future.

Coach Core Aims to Inspire Young People and Create the Future Generation of Sports Coaches

Capturing the spirit of the 2012 Olympic Games, the patrons of The Royal Foundation, the Royal Highnesses, wanted to harness the power of sport and its ability to change lives and empower young people.

Driven by a desire to create a truly meaningful education and employment programme for those that need the opportunity the most, Coach Core has changed the lives of hundreds of young people around the UK. These young coaches will go on to inspire their communities with the skills they have gained from Coach Core for generations to come.

Coach Core Devon – Want To Be An Apprentice?

If you are 16-24 and have left, or are leaving school, the Coach Core Apprenticeship programme could be for you? You can find out more about it and eligibility by visiting the Coach Core website.

In Devon we are going to be starting our three year programme in April 2020. If you are interested in applying to become an Apprentice in Devon then keep checking our website for more information.

Coach Core Can Really Make a Difference

Here’s what an Employer and Apprentice had to say about the scheme:

“I really wanted to take the opportunity for apprenticeship. After a few months volunteering and being on a traineeship programme, I was offered an interview and a place. I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship with Argyle Community Trust and I hope this can lead onto future full-time employment and eventually a career path.” Jamie

“Both apprentices I’ve worked with have been punctual and enthusiastic in their working environments and both have embraced the various roles they have undertaken. We are extremely pleased with the commitment shown by all apprentices to attend our sessions. Brilliant at delivering and full of confidence.” Coach Core Employer