Introducing The Benefits of Getting Active Within Nature

As part of the Active Devon podcast series, we met with Mark and Camilla de Bernhardt Lane of AquaFolium  in Haldon Forest, near Exeter to talk about their thoughts on social prescribing. Watch this short film taken from the full podcast which you can listen to by clicking on the buttons below.

Aquafolium is on a mission to rewire society with nature.  They’re one of the leading providers of nature based health interventions in England. Valued partners of Active Devon, Aquafolium is key to delivering part of our Connecting Actively to Nature (CAN) project, helping people to become more active through a nature led approach.

You can also read about Gareth’s thoughts on the benefits of being active in nature and a reflection on the interview in this story Social Prescribing: Being Active in Nature Transforming Health  or listen to the full podcast Social Prescribing: Reconnecting With Nature to Nurture