Inspiring Mums: Physical and Mental Health Support for Pre- and Postnatal Women in Devon

This year, Active Devon has been working with the Devon Partnership Trust using the Tackling Inequalities Fund from Sport England. We are helping to support pregnant and postnatal mums to access physical activity for free.

Under normal circumstances pregnant women and new mothers report higher levels of stress and feelings of depression and anxiety in comparison to the general population. Research has shown that lockdowns have significantly impacted stress, anxiety and depression levels in the UK generally, including pregnant and postnatal women. Physical activity and movement is proven to lower levels of depression and anxiety.

This programme supports new mums and mums to be. They receive support from a Physical Health Navigator and, depending on what they would prefer to do, will either be enrolled into a virtual walking/running group, online fitness classes, or a mixture of both. This will be supported by sessions about activity, nutrition and include a community Facebook page where women can share experiences.

If you would like more information about this programme, please contact us here for the attention of Louise Evans, our programme lead in this area.

See here for more examples of how the Tackling Inequality Fund is helping groups and projects here in Devon.

We passionately believe that being active is important as ever. However, safety is paramount and it is crucial that everyone follows current government guidance when leaving the home to exercise and accessing open spaces. #StayActiveStaySafe.