How to Get More Movement into Your Working Day 

As the mornings and evenings are getting lighter, what a perfect time to add a bit more movement in your working day, especially outside.

Whether you’re at home, in an office or based out and about, moving and walking more has proven health and wellbeing benefits. It can make you feel happier, can boost your mood and improve your sleep.  Even a small amount of activity each day can make a massive difference.

Here at Active Devon, we have put together a short video featuring Vicky Radcliffe with some top tips on how to add a bit more movement into your day.

As with any activity, please adapt any of the following tips to best suit your personal needs or circumstance. If you are currently receiving advice from your GP or other medical professionals, please continue to follow that advice. The tips in our video are designed to complement the great work you are already doing and not to replace any existing medical advice.

“At Active Devon we passionately believe that being active is important as ever. However, safety is paramount. Please see government guidelines on how to stay safe. #StayActiveStaySafe.”