What Does the Data Tell Us About the Impact Covid-19 is Having on Physical Activity?

The Sport England survey provides key insights to help us understand people's attitudes and behaviours one-month in. Find out more.
pregnant-woman-holding-bumpJamie Coupaud Unsplash

Quick to Read and Helpful Guidelines Around Physical Activity During Pregnancy

For mums-to-be, here's some useful information on being active whilst pregnant. You'll find activity ideas, key benefits, plus lots more.
Active Devon

Latest Sport England Survey Shows People are Getting More Active

Every year Sport England surveys the country to take a pulse of where the nation is in terms of activity. Take a look at the full report.
Sport England We Are Undefeatable

How to Encourage People with Long-Term Conditions to Be More Active

Learning from the We Are Undefeatable campaign, read about how we can make a difference.
The Behavioural Insights Team

Go EAST: How to Increase Uptake on Your Activities

By contemplating the four aspects of EAST when designing activities and interventions, you will improve both uptake and lasting impact.
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is ideal while researching where a project might have the most impact. Learn about how this tool can help you.helloquence-unsplash

How Can the Devon Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Help Me?

JSNA is an ideal tool to use while researching where a project might have the most impact. Learn about how this tool can help you.
listen to this Active Devon podcast where CEO of Sport England, Tim Hollingsworth talks opening about the fuire strategy and links with DevonActive Devon

Tim Hollingsworth Discusses Sport England's Future Strategy and His Links to Devon

Listen to Sport England's CEO Tim Hollingsworth discuss the organisation's future strategies as well as his close links to Devon.

Active Lives Children and Young People Report Shows Big Progress in Devon

We're thrilled to see there has been an increase in the physical activity of children and young people of Devon.
highlights from the Active Devon More Movement 2019 conference and networking eventActive Devon

Capturing Highlights From Active Devon's More Movement Conference

Check out the photo highlights from Active Devon’s More Movement conference held at Rockbeare Manor.
We are proud to introduce the Active Devon 2018-19 Annual Review where you will get a real sense of the breadth of our work.Active Devon

Read or Print Off Active Devon's 2018-19 Annual Review

This concise review captures the highlights, achievements and impact from 2018-19 and will give you a real sense of the breadth of our work.