Connecting Actively to Nature

The Connecting Actively to Nature (CAN) Programme

The​ ​Connecting​ ​Actively​ ​to​ ​Nature​ ​​programme​ ​in​ ​Devon​ ​will​ ​help​ ​​people​ ​to discover​ ​the​​ ​benefits​ of an active outdoor lifestyle.
Louise's story on how she found walking to be a natural pain reliever to help manage her arthritis and fibromyalgiaActive Devon

How Louise Discovered Walking Was a Natural Pain Reliever

Watch this short but inspiring video sharing Active Devon ambassador Louise's story on how she found walking to be a natural pain reliever.
People walking in natureadrien-olichon-unsplash

Flourish In Nature Volunteering to Help Substance Misuse Recovery

Volunteering in outdoor activities is set to play an important role for people recovering from substance misuse in Devon.
Active Devon's Gareth Dix talks about how social prescribing is helping people to become more active through a nature led approach.Active Devon

Social Prescribing: Reconnecting With Nature to Nurture

Listen to this podcast talking about social prescribing and how the journey out of depression can be found by a walk in the forest.
Sun shining through the trees in woodland areaJill Dimond on Unsplash

Social Prescribing: How Being Active in Nature is Transforming Health

Read about how social prescribing is helping people through a nature led approach to physical activity.
Read this inspiring and compelling personal journey about how running has helped overcome griefActive Devon

Running Through Grief; How Marathon Training Helped Through Loss

Watch this inspiring discussion into how running has helped Claire overcome grief and supported her mental wellbeing.
Cranbrook Active FamiliesLocal Delivery Pilot

Introducing Happy Cycling with Active Families

The Active Families Cycling project is the perfect way to keep active & spending quality time as a family.
park runActive Devon

Parkrun: Your Free 5km Event Held Every Saturday Throughout Devon

Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs throughout the county. They're free and open to everyone.