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Prevention in Healthcare? Submit Your Feedback Here

Get to grips with the Department of Health & Social Care's new Prevention Green Paper - Advancing our Health Prevention in 2020's.
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Understanding How Active Devon Works With Local Authorities

Active Devon has a key local role to play in influencing and joining up local programmes, partners and policy.
As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, view and download our corporate informationand policies here. Tom Sandberg

Devon School Games: Risk Assessments

The Devon School Games & Ability Games risk assessments are download for your school ahead of time.
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Active Lives Survey: Has Your School Been Selected?

See if your school has been selected for Autumn 2019, to take part in the nationwide Active Lives Survey.
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Completing the Active Lives Survey & Everything Your School Needs

Key information, guidance and support to help you navigate the process of applying to the Active Lives Survey.
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Active Lives Survey for Children and Young People: Your FAQs

Looking to get your school involved with the Active Lives Survey but still unsure? Check out our FAQs.
Active Lives survey, has your school been selected

The Active Lives Survey and How Your School Can Benefit

Find out how your school can benefit from being involved in the Active Lives Survey for Children and Young People.
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Understanding the Active Lives Survey for Children and Young People

Sport England's Active Lives Children and Young People survey reveals insight into activity levels of children and young people in England.

How Volunteering in Your Community Can Improve Your Life

You don't have to be 'sporty' to volunteer, there are opportunities for everyone. Whatever your experience is, your time can make a difference.
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Active Devon's Safeguarding Policy and Recommendations

Active Devon is committed to promoting the safety and welfare of all participants engaged in organised sport/active lifestyle activities.