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Apply for Inequalities Funding to Help Targeted Groups

The Together Fund is a continuation of the Tackling Inequalities Fund.

The Tackling Inequalities Fund (TIF), now called the Together Fund (TF) was set up by Sport England in April 2020 as an emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to help reduce widening inequalities in sport and physical activity. The fund was invested to support targeted priority groups who have been impacted most by the pandemic – groups which have seen their activity levels dramatically affected and are least likely to currently see the benefits of physical activity.

The new Together Fund, (running to March 2023) will continue to support the four priority groups, to help further growth and recovery of community organisations working with these groups.

To help connect the funding to where it is needed most locally, Active Devon has secured a proportion of the National Lottery funding from Sport England, to disseminate across Devon.

 With this fund, we have already supported a number of community groups and organisations across Devon to help reduce the negative impact of COVID-19 and the wide inequalities in sport and physical activity. Click here to see how.

If you think you are a community group or organisation who could also benefit, please see below for further information on eligibility and criteria for funding, plus how to apply.

The Targeted Priority Groups

Sport England’s new strategy, Uniting the Movement has a strong focus on reducing the inequalities present in the participation of sport and physical activity. The strategy highlights specific priority groups that are least likely to be active. These groups are:

  • People from lower socio-economic groups (LSEG)
  • People from culturally diverse communities
  • Disabled people
  • People with long-term health conditions (LTCs)

These groups have been unfairly impacted by COVID-19. Lockdowns, implications for their health and their ability to be physically active, plus effects on our economy have affected these groups more than others. This has amplified longstanding inequalities in activity levels.

This funding will prevent the gaps that exists between these priority groups and the general population from widening further.

To find out more about the targeted groups, visit the Sport England website here.

Criteria for Funding

Projects must be able to demonstrate the following criteria to be considered:

  • Be focused on one or more of the following targeted groups: people from lower socio-economic groups; people from culturally diverse communities; disabled people, people with long-term health conditions
  • Show how the funding will: help health/wellbeing/activity organisation’s or community groups capability to deliver activity. For example, through training, equipment, or mentoring. And/or support the people they work with to get or remain active
  • Demonstrate a clear financial need for the funding sought
  • Demonstrate the existing relationship the community group/ organisation has with the target group and the extent of its reach into the target community
  • Not be a duplicate application for funding already received from Sport England or the National Lottery. (Please note: additional funding is acceptable if a further financial need is evident)
  • Be eligible to receive Sport England Lottery Funding (see Eligibility for Funding)

Eligibility for Funding

To be eligible for this funding, your community group or organisation will need to support health and/or wellbeing through physical activity opportunities for the targeted groups listed above. Please note: this does not have to be the primary purpose. For example, a local community group that has identified physical activity as an opportunity to support the wellbeing of its members impacted unfairly by the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, could apply for funding.

Sport England funding requires recipient bodies of small grants to have a recognised constitution in place.

We will not be able to fund:

  • Activities promoting religious or political beliefs
  • Individuals
  • Any private businesses or profit-making organisations unless they are a Social Enterprise or Community Interest Company

If you are unsure whether your community group or organisation is eligible, please do not hesitate to contact us. We may be able to support you to reach a constituted status or use a suitable body to help manage a grant on your behalf.

Applications will be reviewed by an Active Devon panel and submitted to Sport England for authorisation if they meet the funding objectives. We work with the majority of interested community groups or organisations to help them shape their applications to maximise impact.

Active Devon’s Mentoring/Resilience Scheme

Active Devon also has in place a resilience scheme for community groups or organisations. If you think yours would benefit from the support of an expert advisor, to ensure you have the governance, support, policies and practices in place to help you to thrive and survive going forward, please indicate your interest. Or, if you are interested in finding out what support a mentor might be able to offer, please get in touch.

How to Apply

Please check the above ‘Criteria for Funding’ and ‘Eligibility for Funding’ to ensure your community group or organisation can receive this funding.

If you are eligible, please use the contact us form to get in touch, and we’ll forward your details onto your local Active Devon Partnerships Officer. Once in touch, your Partnerships Officer will seek to understand your community group or organisation and its connection to the priority audiences. They will help you to develop a proposal and application to put forward.

Applications are usually valued between £200 – £3,000, with the majority of requests averaging around the £1,000 mark. Larger applications will be considered where the impact justifies it. The maximum grant size is £10,000.