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Coach Development

The role of the Coach has become increasingly important in today’s sport, whether it be on the school pitch, in a local club or for a major international team. The quality of sports coaches not only enhance the sporting experience, but increase and sustain active lifestyles too. This in turn brings health and well-being benefits.

In order to ensure that sports coaching is central to developing, sustaining and increasing participation in sport at every level in Devon, our Coaching Development Manager will be working in partnership with a number or agencies to:

  • create high quality, connected and consistent systems for recruitment, qualification, employment/deployment, management, development and retention of coaches within Devon
  • increase the number of entry level coaches recruited into locally identified deployment opportunities
  • increase the number of qualified coaches at levels 2, 3 and 4 based on identified deployment needs
  • increase the number of active coaches effectively employed into full and part time paid opportunities, or deployed into governing body talent identification/performance pathways
  • increase the number of Coach Managers within the network undergoing recognised training
  • increase the number of active coaches accessing needs led continuous development opportunities