About Active Devon


Physical activity and sport help to bring people and communities together and can be an instrument for change and inclusion. 

Active Devon recognises the power and influence of physical activity and sport to change lives for the better.  Everyone should have access to the potential benefits of physical activity and sport, which is why equality, inclusion and widening access are of critical importance for Active Devon.

Active Devon aims to increase and widen participation for everyone in physical activity and sport. To read our Equality Policy please CLICK HERE

The Sports Council Equality Group has a website which is full of really helpful practical advice and guidance cover a wide range of equality issues in sport http://www.equalityinsport.org/ 

The Active Devon Team and Programmes

Active Devon is helping to increase opportunities by making sport and physical activity inclusive for all. Our whole staff team are fully committed to promoting inclusion and breaking down barriers for all of our underrepresented groups in Devon. This is reflected within our  Delivery Plans, Improvement projects and on-going staff development. 

Active Devon's commitment and contribution to achieving equality in physical activity and sport is nationally recognised by its achievement of the foundation level of The Equality Standard for Sport. 

For any enquiries relating to Equality and Inclusion, please speak to an Active Devon colleague:

Equality and Inclusion Lead:

Stuart Dudley - stuart.dudley@activedevon.org

Inclusion Programmes Lead:

Jason Wood - jason.wood@activedevon.org

Active Devon Board Lead Member for Equality:

Diana Crump

To find out more about our inclusion projects and programmes. Please CLICK HERE