About Active Devon


At Active Devon we know that physical activities and sport help to bring people and communities together and can be an instrument for change and inclusion. We recognise the power of physical activity and sport to change lives for the better. Everyone should have access to the potential benefits of physical activity and sport, which is why equality, inclusion and widening access are crucial to everything we do. Click here to see a copy of our Equality Policy.

Active Devon achieved the Foundation level of The Equality Standard, A Framework for Sport in April 2007 and met the standards set out by The Equality Standards Assessment Panel for the Preliminary Level in November 2007.

The Sports Council Equality Group has a website which is full of really helpful practical advice and guidance cover a wide range of equality issues in sport http://equalitystandard.org.uk/. It also publishes an informative monthly e-newsletter for which it is free to register. To receive the newsletter directly via Email, please send a request to roger@vagaassociates.com  

Equality South West

Equality South West (ESW) is a registered charity and England's first regional equality and diversity body. They are supported by a range of key strategic organisations including: the South West Regional Development Agency, the Government Office for the South West, the South West Regional Assembly, South West Forum and the South West Trade Union Congress.

ESW receives financial support from the South West Regional Development Agency, Capacity Builders and the Big Lottery Fund.

They started in March 2005 supported by the South West Regional Development Agency and Government Office for the South West. They Work with partners across the region to tackle discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation and transgender. They support dedicated regional networks for each of these seven strands. ESW is also working with other groups for asylum seekers, migrant workers and gypsies and travellers.

Their Board is composed of representatives from each of the regional equality networks, together with members from the South West Regional Development Agency, the Government Office for the South West, the South West Regional Assembly, South West Forum, the South West Trade Union Congress and the South West Local Government Association.

Their work covers policy development, capacity building, best practice, awareness raising, training and research. They aim to work with their regional networks and partners in all of these areas.

Their website aims to provide the region with quality information on legislation, rights and links to other equality organisations. To access their website please click here.

Sporting Equals

Sporting equals is now on Facebook. To keep up-to-date with all the latest news and events join their fan page now by going to: